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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of September 25

Preparedness Goals

Glad you are back for another week of preparedness goals!  Of course I have a tidbit of info for you, which includes a bit of trivia.  Did you know this? According to …..At the end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Caribbean and the northeast of the North American continent.  When […]

Preparedness Goals For The Week Of September 18

Preparedness Goals

Another week of preparedness goals, but before I get into it, did you know…. One of the most destructive storms in Canadian history was the 1998 ice storm in Eastern Canada causing hardship for 4 million people and costing $3billion.  Power outages lasted for up to 4 weeks. How crazy is that?  We think of […]

Fire Escape Plan Practice Drills

Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Plan Do you have a fire evacuation plan for your home? Do you practice it often so that each family member knows what to do? Do you change the batteries in your smoke alarm every six months, and replace your alarm as often as it says on the inside of the alarm. They […]

$ Store Preparedness

Dollar Store Prepping

Today I want to share with you a few different posts that talk about Dollar Store Prepping.  There are dollar stores pretty much every where you live, or travel, and I think we often overlook some of the great little finds within their walls!  So here goes to $ Store Preparedness! 30 Survival Items You […]

Home Safety & Security

Home Safety and Security

When I think safety and security of your home, I smile, and then I always come back to Crocodile Dundee and Walk About Creek. “That’s not a knife mate….”  Love it!  He was always prepared and safe, and the “walk about” is what we should all do, to begin our safety journey in preparedness. Do […]

Using Buckets & Bins For Preparedness Items

I have been thinking much about organizing my preparedness items a bit more, thinking on how I could label and sort them to make a bit more sense to others, as well as myself, when I came across this article.  I really couldn’t say it any better that what Margene said.  It truly is a […]