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52 Life Skills You Need To Have

52 Life Skills To Teach Your Family

Notice the title of this post doesn’t say “preparedness life skills”, or “post SHTF” life skills, or “post apocalyptic” life skills”?  It says “LIFE SKILLS EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE.”  Yes I actually think these are important skills, that each of us should be working on, learning, and understanding for every day living, in our world today.  […]

Using Buckets & Bins For Preparedness Items

I have been thinking much about organizing my preparedness items a bit more, thinking on how I could label and sort them to make a bit more sense to others, as well as myself, when I came across this article.  I really couldn’t say it any better that what Margene said.  It truly is a […]

Important Herbs for Natural Medicine

For many years people used plants / herbs to cure all kinds of things. Throughout the Bible and other scriptures, throughout history, herbs have been the norm for medicines. Then we all of a sudden jump to modern science and we now use both natural and man-made medications, some of which have nasty side effects […]