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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of November 13

Christmas traditional recipes

Flu season, well it has been a bit crazy right?  Have you been considering what kinds of things you will need to keep stocked up on, that are not included in your weekly preparedness goals?  Things like herbs and essential oils that are useful for fighting flus.  Things like tylenol, and other cold medications that […]

Synergy of Herbals and Modern Medicine

Synergy in Modern and Natural Medicine

Herbal Healing is one of my all time favorite subjects!  Now I am not in any way knocking modern medicine and medical facilities.  In fact yesterday, I had to make use of one of these facilities and I am so grateful that we have them!  But I am also grateful for the knowledge of science […]

10 Herbs You Need to Grow

10 Herbs You Should Grow

Herbs!  My second passion after preparedness! I don’t know….. maybe they are equal……… depends on the day!    But then again, I believe herbs have their purpose in preparedness as well. They go hand in hand. We use herbs on a daily basis in our home, whether it is for medicine, health, healing, or cooking!  […]

Important Herbs for Natural Medicine

For many years people used plants / herbs to cure all kinds of things. Throughout the Bible and other scriptures, throughout history, herbs have been the norm for medicines. Then we all of a sudden jump to modern science and we now use both natural and man-made medications, some of which have nasty side effects […]