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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of November 6

Weekly Preparedness Goals

Welcome, welcome winter!  I don’t love winter, but if we must do it, then bring it on and let’s get it over with!  That’s kind of how I feel about it all.  There are those crazies – and maybe you are one of them – that love winter!  There’s gotta be one or two in […]

Preparedness Goals For The Week Of September 25

Preparedness Goals

Glad you are back for another week of preparedness goals!  Of course I have a tidbit of info for you, which includes a bit of trivia.  Did you know this? According to …..At the end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Caribbean and the northeast of the North American continent.  When […]

Let The Good Times Roll – Gathering Your 3 Month Supply

3 Month Supply

Good Times?  Remember years ago, for those of us that are of “that” age, there was a song called “Let The Good Times Roll”?   Remember that one?  I used to love that one.  Not sure why I loved it, because it was pretty repetitive, but that is what seems to sell in music right?   […]

What would you do today, if you knew?

What would you do today if you knew?

What would you do today, if you knew you wouldn’t have employment tomorrow?  You know it is a real possibility right?  Okay, let’s think about it!  Our economy is stable right??  Nope!   One thing I think we can all agree on is that our economy is NOT stable.  Things can change overnight, and have many […]

Preparedness Goals For The Week Of August 14

preparedness goals

I can’t believe summer is already past the half way mark!  It has been great, despite the extremely long heat wave we have had. We learned to adapt!  Even though it has gone by fast, I have sure got a lot accomplished, have you?  I have also really enjoyed watching my little grandsons this summer.  […]

Preparedness Goals For The Week Of July 24

Preparedness Goals For The Week Of July 24

How are ya all doing with your preparedness goals?  I know having a weekly reminder for me is crucial to my accomplishing anything!  I am a person who lives by lists, and lives by my calendar, otherwise my world seems to run by the fleeting emergency of the moment, instead of by organized chaos!  Haha.  […]

52 Life Skills You Need To Have

52 Life Skills To Teach Your Family

Notice the title of this post doesn’t say “preparedness life skills”, or “post SHTF” life skills, or “post apocalyptic” life skills”?  It says “LIFE SKILLS EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE.”  Yes I actually think these are important skills, that each of us should be working on, learning, and understanding for every day living, in our world today.  […]

5 Free Preparedness Things You Can Do

Free Preparedness Things To Do

So many preparedness things to do, are things that cost money.  Some are inexpensive and some are quite expensive, so today, I am going to give you a list of five things, that when you feel like you should be doing something, but don’t have any money, you have options!  Print out 7 of your […]

Home Safety & Security

Home Safety and Security

When I think safety and security of your home, I smile, and then I always come back to Crocodile Dundee and Walk About Creek. “That’s not a knife mate….”  Love it!  He was always prepared and safe, and the “walk about” is what we should all do, to begin our safety journey in preparedness. Do […]