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Beans As Economical And Healthy As It Gets


Today I feel compelled to come back to the basics of cooking with beans.  I guess I always take for granted that people know how to do this, but they don’t!  I guess I think people should understand how cooking with beans is such a money saver, an inexpensive yet delicious protein, and again – […]

8 Home Made Soup Recipes

8 Home Made Soups

Soups are one of the easiest things to make, and probably the most economical foods to cook.  They are one of the best uses of your longer term food storage as well.  They are highly nutritious, and delicious!  A great soup recipe begins with a great soup base, which you will figure out soon enough […]

Cook From Scratch With Home Made Mixes

Taco Seasoning Cooking From Scratch

Cook From Scratch With Home Made Mixes One of the best things I have done, is make home made mixes that my family loves. I mix them up, put them into air tight containers, and label them with instructions, so anyone can use them.  Making long term food storage, more user friendly, is a very […]

Cook From Scratch – Basic Essentials

Cooking From Scratch Basic Essentials

Cook from Scratch Cooking from scratch, offers many thrifty and healthy benefits.  It is however, a skill that takes some practice if you are not used to doing it. I believe that anyone can do it, if they can read, and have the desire to make the change.  You don’t have to have a cooking […]

52 Life Skills You Need To Have

52 Life Skills To Teach Your Family

Notice the title of this post doesn’t say “preparedness life skills”, or “post SHTF” life skills, or “post apocalyptic” life skills”?  It says “LIFE SKILLS EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE.”  Yes I actually think these are important skills, that each of us should be working on, learning, and understanding for every day living, in our world today.  […]

Gardening in #10 Cans

Gardening in #10 Cans

I don’t know about you, but……. don’t you love it when something starts that way?  Well today I want to share with you some ideas, and they are not my ideas, but they are still kind of sweet. I have excess, used, #10 cans. You know, those empty food storage cans, or old coffee cans, […]

Fire Escape Plan Practice Drills

Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Plan Do you have a fire evacuation plan for your home? Do you practice it often so that each family member knows what to do? Do you change the batteries in your smoke alarm every six months, and replace your alarm as often as it says on the inside of the alarm. They […]

$ Store Preparedness

Dollar Store Prepping

Today I want to share with you a few different posts that talk about Dollar Store Prepping.  There are dollar stores pretty much every where you live, or travel, and I think we often overlook some of the great little finds within their walls!  So here goes to $ Store Preparedness! 30 Survival Items You […]