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Some posts on this blog, may contain affiliate links.  These are at no extra cost to you whatsoever, yet we may receive a small commission, if an item is purchased through one of these links.  This simply helps to keep the expense of running this site a little lower for us.  We thank you for doing this in support of Inch By Inch.

We use many different Affiliate Programs, and hope you will feel free to follow through on these links to see what they have to offer.  We will never promote something without trying, researching, or purchasing it ourselves, yet things happen, and we can’t be held responsible for the mishaps that could possibly go wrong on the other end of a purchase.  We will do our best to never lead you that way.

We also are not doctors, and do not claim to know everything about medicine, or herbal products.  If you are in doubt about at all, about anything you may read on this site, please contact your doctor before you proceed.  We simply offer alternate advise for you to consider or research further, never diagnosing or promising a cure or treatment.  Please do your own due diligence with this regard and never use something without further research or consult, if you are at all in doubt.

Please take your preparedness efforts very seriously, yet understand that all things work differently for different people, depending on areas you live, your way of life, and your family dynamics, thus we cannot be help personally responsible for your preparedness efforts!  Take these personally and seriously and you will find success in your efforts!

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