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Home Made Laundry Soap

Home Made Laundry Soap

Home Made Laundry Soap Recipe

Liquid Laundry Soap – I make it in a 2 gallon ice cream bucket and then pour it into an old laundry soap dispenser from soap that I bought quite awhile ago. But really it can be kept in the bucket or in any other container.

1/2 cup Borax (20 mule team) found in the laundry section of your grocery store

Home Made Laundry Soap

A Superb Home Made Laundry Soap Recipe

1/2 cup Washing Soda – also found in the laundry section, and not the same as baking soda.

I mix both of these with really hot water in the bottom of the bucket until they are both dissolved.

Fill the bucket with hot water, then I add in 1/4 – 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap – use your favorite scent Stir and mix well.

Then you can pour it into your containers to use!

I use about 1 cup of this soap per load and it has been great for me. If you use a low suds dish detergent then you can also use this recipe in the front loader washers. I don’t have one of those, but I have been told that it is safe.

You can also stir in at the end, your favorite essential oil flavors. I love to use grapefruit or lemon in my soap. If you find that this isn’t quite concentrated enough for you, then you can double the Borax and Washing Soda, but not the dish soap.

The cost to make this batch of soap is approximately $1.50 for the 2 gallons and using 1 cup per load makes it last for about 45 loads.

This breakdown works out to about 0.033 cents per load, so lets round that up to 0.04 cents per load for ease of calculating. In my house I do about 3 loads of laundry per day give or take so I estimated that I do about 12 loads per week. 12 x 52 = 624 loads of laundry per year! 624 x 0.04 = $24.96 or $25 per year I would spend to wash 624 loads of laundry.

Not bad! Now let’s do the math for purchasing name brand laundry soap. It costs about $19 per jug of soap that will do 50 loads. Some types say a few more and some a few less, so we are going with those numbers just as kind of an average.
So to do 624 loads of laundry I would need to purchase 13 jugs of laundry soap at $19 per jug. 13 x 19 = $247 per year if I were buying my laundry soap.

Let’s do the math: $247 – $25 = $222

A savings of $222 per year by making your laundry soap as opposed to buying it.

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