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Practice What You Know

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I know we all set goals for New Year’s that we are gung ho at, then life hits us flat in the face with all kinds of crazy challenges, and well…. just life.  We don’t plan for those things, they just happen.  I know I always have grand ambitions to learn and do so many things, yet only a small portion of them actually get crossed off my list.  Preparedness is no exception to this.  In some ways, I am really prepared, and yet in others, I lack.

I often feel, as I am writing the posts for Inch By Inch, I don’t really know where to start because I am sure you are all in such different places as well.  Here is what I have decided to do this year.  You will see in the side bar, Weekly goals to work on for January and each month after.  You can do them weekly, monthly, or not at all, depends on where you are at.  Then with those goals in mind, I will work on other posts.  For example: In the preparedness goals for January, one of them has to do with gathering some powdered milk.  Now I know you all are saying, why in the world would I gather that???  Well let me tell you and show you, – Monday – just how many things you can do with powdered milk!  You will never want to be without it in your storage!  That post is coming – Monday.  So with that in mind, I think I will have a great line up of information for you – hopefully things that you might not even know.

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Practice What You Know

2018 Make the goal to practice what you know.

Now here is my next challenge, if you do “know” that info – then your goals this year should be to “practice” what you know.  It does nothing for you if you have powdered milk, and know you have a recipe to make cheese with it, but have never practiced it!  Do you think when the need comes for you to make cheese to feed your family, using powdered milk, or the need comes to make baby formula with your powdered milk, you think you will just be able to whip it up and it will be perfect?  We would hope right?  But unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to things that might take a little tweaking!  So “practice” what you know this year!

One of my flaws with preparedness – I am confessing here – is I am not an organized person.  I am a paper junky, with lists, notebooks, recipes and stuff all over the place.  One of my goals this year is to really buckle down and get it all organized.  I want my binders and files to be easily accessible where I can find anything, at any time.  Some of you may not think this is a big deal, but I assure you, it is a huge deal!

Thus, I have prepped some binder covers and dividers to help with the recipes and inventory challenges some of us may have.  I am working on a few others, so they will be posted in the side bar as well, for free, for your use as you might see fit.  Good luck and have fun!

One of my other flaws – is TIME – which is my word for 2018.  TIME.  I have a problem, in that I just can’t seem to find TIME, take TIME, make TIME, have TIME, or organize my TIME.  You will likely see me scatter thoughts about TIME, throughout my posts.  I feel keenly that TIME is spiraling forward in a whirlwind, and it is all I can do to keep up, at least most days.

Okay, so all said and done!  Watch my side bar for goals and updates throughout the year!  It may change and grow as to our goals and life from time to time, but it will be there!

January goals are there now – so have a look at them and see what you need to work on.  Watch Monday for lots of tips and ideas of what to do with Powdered milk!  And most of all, have an exceptional New Year!!!


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