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Preparedness Goals For The Week October 16

Preparedness Goals
Have you been working hard to CREATE A TRUE CULTURE OF PREPAREDNESS?  Fema Urges America to Create A ….
Director Brock Long has this advice for all of America – and yes that includes us Canadians!  “I really think that we have a long way to go to create a true culture of preparedness within our citizenry in America. No American, no citizen, no visitor to this country is immune to disaster. And we have a long way to go to get people to understand the hazards based on where they dwell, where they work, and how to be prepared financially, how to be prepared through insurance, how to have continuity of operations plans for their businesses, so that we can avoid the suffering, the strife, and the loss of life. It’s truly disappointing that people won’t heed the warnings.”
STASH YOUR CASH – It is always important to stash some cash for emergencies, and I always recommend stashing $2 per week per person in your household, as a minimum amount you should have on hand.  This totals to $104 per person, as cash stashed in your home.  It doesn’t seem like alot, and that’s because it isn’t.  It is the minimum amount I think you should do.  If you can do more then have at it!  Good on you!  I am cheering you on!  What kinds of things might this emergency cash be used for you ask?  Well let me tell you a few.
  • power outage – ya we all have them, and guess what, all those cards in your pockets won’t be usable during it
  • your checking account gets hacked and is disabled – I have had credit cards get hacked twice now in my life – never yet my bank account, but we see it all the time in the news.  Maybe your next, who knows?
  • your debit card gets lost or stolen and the bank is closed – yuppers this one has happened as well, what about you?
  • natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, earthquake etc. – When a natural disaster strikes, and all services and power are broken for a time, it quickly becomes a cash society.  Cash rules.  We see that very clearly in recent events that have taken place around the globe. Millions of people without power for extended periods of time, and all that counts is cash
If you are having troubles stashing your cash, here are a few quick tips you could use to help.
  • try cutting your grocery budget by a small amount each time, until you get your emergency cash fund up to where you need it to be
  • sell something on eBay.  How much stuff we all have kicking around our homes that could more easily kick around someplace else.  It’s easy enough to do.
  • Every pay day, set aside $5 – 10 in your cash fund.  It is quite likely you won’t even miss it out of your budget.
Whatever you do decide to do with your cash fund build up, consistency and discipline are the key.  Good luck my friends I am cheering you on!!!
Of course, you know what I am going to say about water right???  STORE 2 L OF WATER PER PERSON this week!  Maybe you have enough water stored already, or so you think, then I will ask you to add to your water purification options.  Store another filter, or some bleach, or some water purification tablets.  Never assume you have enough water on hand.  There are people all over the world wishing they had water right now, so please, please, never think if you have a 2 week supply, it will be good enough.  Water filters and other options don’t take up much space, so store them!!
Preparedness Goals

Make sure to inventory your pandemic supplies this week, and have your Table Top Discussion

ADD GARBAGE BAGS, DUCT TAPE AND PARACORD OR OTHER ROPES to your storage this week. Extra garbage are always important and can be used for things like sanitation needs, rain coats, .. oh well just check out these other posts…….
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and 30 Uses For Trash Bags In Your Bug Out Bag
There you have it!  If you didn’t understand the need for trash bags before, you should now!  Go buy a couple of boxes this week!

50 Practical Uses For Duct Tape

80 Uses of Paracord

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100 Uses For Paracord Checklist

Now, I want you to think about CLEANING SUPPLIES YOU USE ON A REGULAR BASIS.  You know things like scouring pads (aka: SOS pads),  sponges, air fresheners, Comet or other abrasive cleaning things, tile scum remover, draino, and things like that.  What would you not want to be without?  As we have seen in the news time and time again recently, store shelves can be empty in a matter of hours or less.  Most people are thinking of getting food and water at this point, but you should be well beyond worrying about that, because you have your supplies to last you at least 3 months right?  Think the next thing we see in the news – that almost always a natural disaster, is the clean up and the sanitation.  If you need cleaning supplies, at least make sure you have one or two extras of each thing you would normally use, sitting on your shelf, and then you will be good to ride out any cleaning disasters – hopefully!
This week, I am also challenging you to INVENTORY YOUR PANDEMIC AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES.  This includes things like your N95 masks (note the expiry dates.  The masks themselves don’t expire, but often the elastic will), flu medications like cough syrup, Echinacea, Elderberry tinctures, Tylenol and other fever medications, nasal sprays, and any other flu and cold medications you use.  It would be a shame, and really tough, if you couldn’t get any medical supplies.  Don’t kid yourself, you only need to look in the news as of recent, to see that medical supplies can be in short supply during a crisis situation.
Now here comes one that might open your eyes a little bit, and perhaps it is one you shouldn’t have with your little children, only the medium size ones – haha.  HAVE A TABLE TOP DISCUSSION ABOUT MARTIAL LAW  and what it actually would mean for your family……..
Martial Law In Canada March 2012 Article
An excerpt from the article above:
Under the Alberta Emergency Management Act, The Alberta Provincial Government has given themselves the power to do the following things to you and your family under anything they deem to be an emergency.
Authorize the conscription of person(s)… (“Conscription” is legally defined as a “draft” for armed service)
Authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant…
Control or prohibit travel to or from any area…
Acquire or utilize any real or personal property considered necessary… (Your food, fuel, vehicles, home , land etc.)
“Procure”…food, clothing, fuel, equipment…property, services, resources… (Anything and everything as well as forced labour)
Section 17 (a) & (b) of the Alberta Emergency Management Act states:
Any person who: contravenes this Act or the regulations, or interferes with or obstructs any person in the exercise of any power or the performance of any duty conferred or imposed by this Act or the regulations, is guilty of an offense and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than one year. ( in other words… if you resist…. your going to prison)
Under the Act it also states that:
“Neither council nor any member of council, and no person appointed by council… is liable in respect of damage caused through any action taken under this bylaw, nor are they subject to any proceedings by prohibition, certiorari, mandamus or injunction.” ( giving no legal recourse under the ACT for the actions listed above)
Yes even here in Alberta, crazy things happen.  I remember a few years back now, the horror of a flooding and so many people being evacuated from their homes.  While they were evacuated, the police went door to door breaking into people’s homes confiscating any guns and weapons they found.  It was a laborious process for most of them to get them back after the fact, and some never did get them back.  You see, they can justify anything.  If they “claim” they are keeping people safe, they can justify it.  They claim they don’t want looters or others to get a hold of weapons, but they themselves break in and take them.  But legally they are justified.  So be aware, under disastrous circumstances, the emergency act, or martial law act, gives the government the authority to do whatever the heck they want.  What would you do???  Lay low, don’t show off what you have, keep a low profile and hope and pray for the best! 
And that, my friends, is your weeks worth of preparedness goals!  Remember you don’t have to do it all!  You just need to do something!  What are your priorities?  Just fill in the gaps, or start somewhere!

Happy preparing!  Don’t forget the most important…. see below! 





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