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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of December 4

Preparedness Goals

We are winding down the year now.  Less than a month and it will be 2018.  Where does the time fly?  I am shocked at how life passes by so fast, and we blink and we miss it.  Might I suggest this Christmas, you take time to really savor the precious memories you make.  And as you look to the New Year, give some serious contemplation on what you want to accomplish, because before you know it, you will be knocking on the door of 2019, and will have to look back and wonder what you did the entire year?  I always set goals, I am great at getting them down on paper so they look and sound great, but my follow through is not always great.  I tend to get too many things on my plate and the ones that I really wanted to do, never really get done.  My goal for 2018 is to be a little more selfish with the time I do have, not let others distract me quite so much, and really focus on my own goals.  I know it may sound a bit vague, but believe me, I have it written down in much more detail.  But that’s not really what we are here to talk about today, now is it?

$2 is a small amount to add, and even though Christmas tends to make us spend money we don’t have, or money we should put elsewhere, or money we don’t want to spend, make sure you keep your priorities and do what you need to do first.  I didn’t realize until last year, that one of the Monday’s in January is always named Blue Monday, because it is one

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Preparedness Goals

Yes we are getting closer to Christmas, but keep on pursuing your preparedness goals anyways!

of the most depressing days of the year.  It is the day people realize they have over spent at Christmas, the day they realize they are not going to have enough to pay their bills, the day they realize they are not going to keep their New Year’s Resolutions, and on and on.  Don’t follow suit this year.  Don’t over spend so you get that blue depressed feeling in January.  It is a real thing, so be aware of it, and stay away from it.

2 litres water should be easy to set aside this week and all through this season.  I am sure you are buying pop, or cranberry juice in the big jugs, or some other form of this.  Once you drink the goodness of sugar, rinse out your bottles well, fill them with water, replace the lid tight, and stash them somewhere.  Perhaps in the back of a closet, or on the top shelf of a closet, or at the back of the pantry.  You need to put it somewhere it won’t be in the way, and you don’t need to access it regularly, because you want to forget about it until you need it some day.  I know people say you should rotate your water, and if you feel you need to do that, by all means have at it, but I think it is a waste of time, especially if you have stored it properly.  When my grandma passed away, years ago, she had a root cellar.  As kids we were always afraid of going down there, because of the spiders.  But when she passed, they puled out bottle after bottle of stored water in her cellar, which was perfectly good water.  She had stored it in old vinegar glass jars, you know the jug type.  I didn’t keep the water, but kept many of the jugs for memorabilia, and I thought they looked cool.  I have since passed most of them on, but point being, water can store for years if stored properly, and will be perfectly drinkable when you need it.

Here is your list of other things to store this week.  Add cornstarch, salt, candies, matches and lighters to your supplies.  Cornstarch and salt are cheap, but vital to cooking, so make sure you have ample on hand.  Both have an indefinite shelf life as well, so don’t worry if you over do it.  Buy in bulk and save all around.  Christmas time is abundant with candy of all kinds.  Watch for sales of your favorites and stash them away in a bucket somewhere.  Candies, if stored properly, will store for a long time, and I am meaning hard candies, like candy cane type.  Soft ones not so much, they will turn hard.  Which I guess isn’t so bad, you could still suck on them.

You should also add your favorite candy recipes to your binder.  I remember as a kid, we made so many different types of home made candies each year for Christmas.  There was caramels, almond rocca, stretch candy, fudge, sponge toffee, home made chocolates, and so much more.  I have many of these recipes collected, and now need to add them to my own binder of recipes.  Yuppers, I need to do it too.  What fun having those memories and traditions that carry on from year to year, and generation to generation.

I have decided to do away with the Table Top Discussions for this time of year.  I think our discussions should focus more on the positive things of life, like the life of the Savior, and the importance of Christmas.  We can resume the prep discussions after the New Year.  For now celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!!


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