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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of November 13

Christmas traditional recipes

Flu season, well it has been a bit crazy right?  Have you been considering what kinds of things you will need to keep stocked up on, that are not included in your weekly preparedness goals?  Things like herbs and essential oils that are useful for fighting flus.  Things like tylenol, and other cold medications that also are useful.  You see, I am a believer in both the natural methods and in the medical system.  I see no reason to avoid one or the other.  Perhaps you could read more about this, in my post here on the Synergy of Herbals and Modern Medicine.  Now I don’t really want to get us all side tracked and stuff, because I tend to do that often, but just keep these things in the back of your mind.  Knock on wood – I haven’t acquired this or that, nasty flu that is going around right now.  Kids at school

Christmas traditional recipes

Gathering traditional recipes is an important preparedness goal.

and even my own family are dropping around me, it’s crazy, but fingers crossed I am good still.  What have I been doing?  Using my immune essential oils – like all of the time – and taking my herbs of Astragalus, and Siberian Ginseng – like every morning!  I keep essential oils in the diffuser of my class room, running things like eucalyptus and lemon, and thieves.  And I have determined that I am not getting sick.  Like I said, fingers crossed, but it has worked for me so far!

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Okay seriously, onto the preparedness goals for this week!  I got $2, to put in my savings jar, do you?  Makes me think of the Little Rascals, and I want to sing the song, I got $2, I got $2, I got $2 hey, hey, hey, hey!  Okay, not funny unless you are hearing me singing it!  And then it is hilarious, because, well I just don’t sing very well!  But again, add to your jar, $2 per person for the week.  That’s right $2 per person, for each person in our home!  Emergency cash only.  I don’t mean emergency cash for when you run out of money half way through the month!  I don’t mean emergency cash when you need to change the oil in the car!  I don’t mean emergency cash when you have no milk in the fridge for cereal!  I DO MEAN, emergency cash tucked aside, for that day when you have a crisis in your home!  The crisis might be the power is out and you can’t access your debit card to buy medicine, or the crisis might be, you have been evacuated from your home, and you remembered to grab your cash jar, (good on you!), now you can make it through a few days until you can access your debit or credit again!  You know, that kind of emergency is what I mean for your cash jar!  That cash jar may also sit there for a long time, before you ever need to access it, and that is great, for when you do need it, you will be so grateful you have it stashed!  Just do it, right?

Preparedness goals week of November 13

Great baking recipes of all kinds are an important part of tradition, and your preparedness goals. They help in every day cooking, and in our comfort cooking!

2 litres water per person, is what I recommend you tuck away somewhere in your home.  I know it can add up to a fair bit of water, especially if you have a large family, and that is good.  The average person, in Canada or US, uses 85 gallons of water per day.  That is for cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.  Let’s just do a bit of quick math here:  85 gallons per day x 365 days, and you get a whopping 31,025 gallons of water that just you, one person, uses in one year in your household.  I am asking that you store 2 litres per week, or 1/2 gallon per person, per week.  Do the math.  .5 gallon x 52 is a mere 26 gallons for one person, YOU.  So let me ask you a question okay?  If you are used to using 85 gallons per day, and you now have to ration for your water to .07 gallons per day, how are you going to make that work?  Now thankfully emergencies don’t last forever, and you won’t likely have to ration to that extreme, but you may have to ration to 1 gallon per day, per person, and that will be severe enough over the course of the emergency.  The 45 minute long shower, I think, will have to go by the wayside.  Just sayin!

This week, for your food storage items to add for your preparedness goals, include, molasses, corn syrup, pancake syrup, brown sugar and icing sugar. It is after all the time of the year for making delicious meals, baking all kinds of goodies, and feasting!  So yes, it is important to have the sugars and syrups on your shelves.  They will last pretty much forever, so don’t overlook them.  Comfort foods, remember?

Let me talk Molasses for a minute!  I personally love molasses, but many people don’t even know what it is, let alone what to do with the stuff.  Molasses, is the byproduct of refining sugar cane into white refined sugar.  If they only refine it partially they end up with brown sugar, and if refined completely, is the white sugar.  Molasses has an indefinite shelf life, as does white sugar, and if you add a couple of tablespoons to your white sugar and mix it well, voila, you have brown sugar.  That simple! Blackstrap Molasses – Unlike highly refined sugars, it contains significant amounts of vitamin B6 and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese; one tablespoon provides up to 20% of the recommended daily value of each of those nutrients. Blackstrap is also a good source of potassium.[8]  This is found on Wikipedia.  Here is the recipe to make brown sugar – in case you didn’t catch it earlier: 1 tbsp of molasses (or more depending on how dark you want your sugar) and one cup of white sugar.  Mix well.  You just made brown sugar!

Add Christmas baking recipes to your binder this week.  Everyone has their favorite Christmas tradition recipes that have likely been used for generations, or those that you have started with your own family.  Make sure these are in your recipe binder.  I hope you have been collecting recipes as we have been moving along week to week.  That recipe binder you have will become a family treasure.  One of those heirlooms that someone is going to “dibbs”.  Maybe at some point you will even be ambitious and type it all out nice and neat with pictures and get it printed into a book for Christmas presents for your kids.  Add in a few photos of them helping you make it, or stories of where each recipe comes from, and you have just created a true memory to treasure and hand down for generations.  Hint, hint, ideas here!  Great Christmas presents, are always those that include memories and traditions.  They mean so much more than just stuff!

These look fabulous!  Try something new this Christmas!  One of our favorite traditions, is Christmas Eve appetizers – oh man, I can hardly wait for the yummy food!


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