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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of November 27

Preparedness Goals Week of November 27

Okay, so now we are officially less than one month before Christmas!  28 days to be exact!  No, I am not that person who gets excited over Christmas.  I love the time we get to spend together with family and friends.  I love the good food.  I really don’t love spending money.  So dang much money.  Well not really, because I don’t spend a ton, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I am trying to rethink Christmas again this year, wanting to make more memories instead of presents that we forget about a year later.  Any suggestions would be fantastic!

In your preparedness efforts, mixed with Christmas, keep in mind things that could cover both areas.  Are there things you could give that would help others become more prepared as well?  Think about it!  Maybe not as hard as this suggests, but give it some serious thought!

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Now onto our preparedness goals for this week.  I am positive by now, that I shouldn’t have to tell you to put $2 away per person in your household.  Right?  You should just have that as a given by now.  I shouldn’t have to tell you why again, especially if you come back to read more each week.  If you are new here, then browse back, to learn why you need an emergency cash on hand fund, and nope it isn’t for those date nights out when you want to go to a movie and can’t afford it.  Even though a movie once in awhile is nice, this emergency fund is not for that!

This week, instead of adding more water to your storage, maybe you could add one water filter or method of purification.  I think this might be a good place to throw in a Christmas present by purchasing a water b

Preparedness Goals Week of November 27

Treat yourself to a really good preparedness book for your preparedness goals this week. You can even wrap it up and put it under the tree! I love those kinds of presents!!

ottle for each member of your family.  Not just a regular bottle, but one that filters water as well.  You can pick them up most places for right around $20, and they would make a great stocking stuffer, or present for your family.  You know then at least you can each filter quite a bit of water and have something to drink.  Many of them filter 1000 gallons of water before you have to replace the filter.  Pretty sweet tool, and gift idea!  You could also add a bottle of bleach, and a bottle or two of water purification tablets, which are pretty inexpensive.  Find them in the camping section of any store like that.  Quick, inexpensive and valuable.

This week, we are going to add to our cooking and baking supplies again by adding vanilla and other extracts, and cooking spray for baking.  Maybe look at adding in some parchment paper as well.  I don’t use it a lot when baking, but have heard that is the best way to go.  I may have to experiment with it a bit more.  I however love cooking spray, it is quick, easy, and no mess.

To your emergency supplies this week, add batteries and one flashlight per bedroom.  If you already have a flashlight in each bedroom, add extra batteries for each kind.  We are the society who would say “I have a flashlight on my phone, so don’t need another one”, but when our power went out last time, it was karma because not one of us in my house had our phones charged up.  We were all watching our batteries to conserve what we had.  I do have a phone charger that is a crank thing, but we never reached that desperate point.  Haha.  We had flashlights, and most of them worked great, candles coming out the wazoo, and plenty of lighters.  I did end up throwing away 3 of my big camping flashlights because they just wouldn’t work any more, no matter what I tried.  So, regardless if you have a flashlight on your phone, you should also have a flashlight in each room in the house.  You can pick up those little led babies for cheap and they are amazing, so just go grab a few packs of them, and strategically place them in each room, so you will have light always.

Well done, with all your preparedness efforts!  You have had a great year of preparing, so now, go out and purchase a good preparedness book for yourself for Christmas.  Yes, I really mean buy yourself a good Christmas present, that will be valuable for years to come.  One of my big weakness’ is books.  I love to learn, I love to read.  I am going to get myself a good book as well.  We can compare notes later, okay?  Maybe even find a good one, and give it to family members for Christmas!

Now relax and have a great rest of your week!  Christmas is coming whether we want it to or not, so just breathe.


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