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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of November 6

Weekly Preparedness Goals

Welcome, welcome winter!  I don’t love winter, but if we must do it, then bring it on and let’s get it over with!  That’s kind of how I feel about it all.  There are those crazies – and maybe you are one of them – that love winter!  There’s gotta be one or two in every crowd right?  Power to ya!  I don’t love the cold, and I don’t love the extra mess that goes with snow and muck.  And…. working in a kindergarten class, trust me, it is a long process of dressing and undressing when we go outside.  I can be painful and messy, but they love it, so that’s what counts right?

Anyway, a slight sidetrack there.  Onto our preparedness goals for this week.  Spencer W. Kimball was a big teacher of preparedness as a way of life, and he taught that we must be “anxiously engaged in a positive program of preparation.”  It is not enough to hope for the best, we must prepare for it.  I really hope, that through all of these preparedness goals, the weeks and weeks of doing little things over and over, YOU have been creating preparedness into a way of life for your family.  It really is about the little things we do each day, each week, and each month.

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Preparedness isn’t about buying a huge amount of food storage tomorrow, and then forgetting all about it.  It really is creating a lifestyle that incorporates it into everything you do.  You don’t have to become a “prepper” extreme!  You don’t even have to tell anyone you do it.  Your appearances on the outside don’t have to change if you don’t want them to.  It is the change inside of you, and inside of your home, that means something.  The change that slowly and steadily incorporates preparedness into your way of life, without making a huge deal out of it, that is what will stick.  That is the change that we need to do.  Keep that in mind, the slow and the steady change.

I taught a class the other day, and I want to reiterate again, the importance of a 72 hour kit, and it’s purpose, just quickly here before we get into the preparedness goals for the week.   I just feel so strongly about a 72 hour kit.  It isn’t to save your life, though it may actually do that.  In fact, I believe that a 72 hour kit is one that should be set up to get you through a quick emergency, while you establish just what is going on, and then it should contain helps to get your life back together as quickly as possible.  So in short, it will help bring comfort, and aid, while the emergency is happening, and it will help get some semblance of order back in your life as quickly as possible.  If you want to read more about this, and why I feel it is vitally important, then you can go to this post, and please do,

Weekly Preparedness Goals

Never under estimate the power of comfort foods in your preparedness plans.

because you need to understand!

Now onto our goals for the week:

$2 – Yes!  and another resounding Yes!  You need to tuck away another $2 per person into your emergency cash savings.  How are you doing with that?  I know there are times when I don’t get it done, and then there are times when I have an extra $20 in my pocket and if you are like that, then throw it in your cash jar.  It is rare these days for people to carry cash at all, so if you happen to have a bit of extra, instead of spending it on something you won’t even think about, toss it in your jar, and watch it grow.  It will surprise you how quick it will add up!

2 litres water per person – water is free my friends!  Water is vital to life!  I am shocked at how many places in our crazy world, right now as we speak, do not have the “luxury” of free water any time we turn on our tap.  It saddens me, and it motivates me.  It also saddens me that so many of us take it for granted and don’t put it away like we should.  Maybe you are even one of them, I hope not, but if you are, please understand that our water can be cut off or contaminated in an instant, and we could be scrambling for clean water to drink.  It is free – yet it is precious – so don’t take it for granted.  Find some empty pop bottles, or juice jugs, or invest in some water bottles from the store.  Big bottles, little bottles, free, or ones that you purchase, it doesn’t matter.  It is one resource that is so cheap to store, so just get it done.  Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst! There are NO EXCUSES for not having water stored!

Add white sugar and honey to your storage, this week.  I think next year in my scheduling, I am going to make the honey storage at a different time.  I do a bulk purchase of honey in the spring and fall, so this will change next year, but for this week, add white sugar and honey.  Or if you are not a sugar or honey person, then add whatever sweeteners you like to use.  Often sugar will go on sale before Christmas, and during canning season, so it would be a good time to watch for those sales.  Sugar used to be cheap.  Long gone are

Preparedness Goals

Keep going, you have almost completed one years worth of preparedness goals!

the days when you can get a 25 lb bag for $6.  I watch closely for the sales now, and when it comes on for $7 or $8 then I usually buy 10 bags, which will get me through a year.  I know it may seem crazy right, but when you consider the price of it is double that, then why wouldn’t you stock up when you see it on sale.  Really, $70 for 10 bags of sugar, is a kick butt price, so do it!   AND  let me know so I can do it also!

You also may say you will never use sugar, but trust me, it will last a long time on your shelf, and you may be surprised how valuable it will be in some tough times.  It will create some really yummy comfort foods.  It will give your body energy.  It will make horribly bland foods taste better.  It will put a smile on a child’s face in a tough time.  So, I get it if you don’t want to store sugar for yourself because you are that person, and that’s okay, but are there others in your family, who might appreciate a bit of sugar in a tough time?

Add cocoa and chocolate chips to your storage this week as well.  Comfort foods!  Comfort foods that last a long time on your shelf!  Seriously – a chocolate chip cookie is one of the best comfort foods out there to soothe the soul.  Especially if they are fresh out of the oven.  A batch of brownies, or a chocolate cake for a birthday, when that might be all you have, will soothe the heart, and put a smile on many faces.  I know I don’t eat much of these right now, (you know with trying to get healthy and lose weight and all) but I also know – when times were tough for us as a young family, if I could still manage to bake a batch of cookies or make a cake, or some cupcakes, my kids were happy and didn’t even know we were struggling.  Comfort foods go a long way to keep some semblance of normalcy, and a huge way to helping us keep from melt downs!  It is true!  Trust me, you want to store them!

This week, add a good broom and a new mop.  I did this last week!  You know, I swear sometimes we bought THAT home, where there is continually something breaking down, something flooding, something doing something.  You know that show?  Well, that is our house.  Thank goodness the roof hasn’t come down on us yet – knock on wood.  Well due to several bouts of water issues over the past couple of weeks, I actually had to buy a new mop and a new broom, and designate our old ones to the basement problems, and keep the new ones upstairs, for the upstairs problems.  Pretty ridiculous right?  Sigh………..  I have learned, and now am going to purchase another set of them for my storage, with several new mop heads, and a lot more cleaners than I had on hand.  It only takes one or two big messes, and your cleaners can be gone in an instant!  Enough said, without going into more detail – just get a new good broom and mop, and have them on hand as spares, because you never know when you will need them!

Table Top Discussion time!  This week sometime, sit down with your family and have a table top discussion about – Winter power outages.  During the summer, power outages can actually be kind of fun, you know, you get to eat a meal by candle light, sit around the living room and tell stories via candle light, watch a great lightening storm, go to bed and not worry about heat, right?  It can be an adventure!  Winter power outages on the other hand, can be a bit more intense, because you now have to factor in many other aspects, like: keeping warm, keeping the pipes from freezing, keeping the sick from getting worse, and you know, the many other things that come from not having heat or power in your home when it might be 20 or 30 below outside, with raging winds and snow!  That’s what I am talking about!  It turns that fun little adventure into one that is not so fun.

How will you keep warm?  How will you keep your house from freezing up?  What’s your plan going to be?  Don’t wait until it happens to make a plan.  That is when you should be able to kick into gear and implement your plan, not be wondering what it will be.

I can only imagine, winter storms will start to intensify more often, since every other kind of storm is doing this as well, so don’t leave it to chance, or you may be playing a game of chance that you won’t win.  Chance isn’t your friend in a situation like this, but a plan is your best friend!  Create a plan now, and prepare to implement it, if and when the time comes.


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