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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of October 23

Preparedness Goals Week of October 23

For our preparedness goals this week, I want to take a quick look back at some of the recent things that have happened.

In Puerto Rico, amongst many other locations, cash has been precious.  It has been the only way to purchase things.

A week after tragedy struck, at least half of all bank branches are still closed, according to Zoime Alvarez, vice president at the Association of Banks of Puerto Rico.

One reason why? There aren’t enough drivers to ferry cash around in armored cars to standalone ATMs.

“We cannot transport cash to the ATM that’s off premise if we don’t have enough security to do it,” says Alvarez.

That’s not all. Because of widespread power outages, bank branches are functioning on generators. Banks can’t get security software back on line. Bank employees don’t have enough gas for their cars to drive to work. There is no public transportation……………At the same time, many supermarkets and gas stations are only taking cash because credit card systems are down. …………Residents are waiting in lines that stretch for blocks from service stations to fill up with gas. Other lines wrap around corners of supermarkets and banks as people try to get food and cash, or both. 

Again, I stress the importance of having a stash of emergency cash in your home, or in a safe location.  It really can be as simple as tucking away $2 per week per person.  Just do it!  Get it stashed away.  If the electricity goes out wherever you may be, it will be your only source of paying for anything.  Bank machines won’t work, in fact banks can’t be open if there is no power.  Credit card machines will be useless, debit machines will be useless, and all electronic transaction machines / tils / gas pumps, etc will all – NOT WORK.  It quickly turns into a cash only society.  If you don’t have it, you don’t get it!  STASH YOUR CASH!

Another example of why you need water in your preparedness goals……..

Hurricane Harvey –

In Beaumont, 100 miles east of Houston, flooding damage knocked out the main and secondary sources providing water to the city of more than 100,000 people.

“At this time there is no water supply,” the city said in a statement Thursday, adding that officials won’t know the extent of the damage or how long repairs will take floodwaters recede.

The Neches River isn’t expected to crest until Saturday, and City Manager Kyle Hayes was scrambling to procure enough bottled water to avert a crisis. The Salvation Army was handing out water by the case while it lasted.

And once again, we see in the news, time and time again when crisis hits, water is often in short supply and huge demand.  It takes very little money and effort to add 2 Litres of water per week, per person to your water storage, so just do it.  It really doesn’t matter what type of disaster it is, whether flooding, fire, drought, sickness, etc, and so on, water is always incredibly value to those who are going through the disaster.  Remember – none of us are exempt from the disasters that surround us at all times, so gather your water supply and keep it fresh and handy.

This week you should add N95 masks, and update your first aid kits.  You can get some N95 masks here, if you don’t have any, or need to add to your supplies already. Zenith N95 Particulate Respirators without Valve (20 Pack) Having a good supply of N95 masks, can be a life saver – literally.  These are one of those things you need to have stored, because when the time, or the need, arises, you may be too late to run out and pick up a box.  have a box or two on hand always.  Whether it is just you running to the doctors office full of sick people, or taking care of someone who is sick in your own home.  Whether you have sick people who need to wear them or there really, truly, is a pandemic where thousands of people are getting sick – these masks may literally be the difference between life and death for you!  Pick up a couple of boxes today!

Preparedness Goals Week of October 23

Preparedness goals for this week, pandemic supplies, snow shovel, and inventory your baking supplies!

Go through your first aid kits and check the supplies.  Do you have enough bandaids?  Are your ointments / lotions / creams / and other pills all up to date?  I was in a church out of town a few weeks back at a wedding, when I cut my finger working in the kitchen.  I looked through every first aid kit in the building and there was not a bandaid to be found!  Not cool.  We eventually found one in someones purse, but those first aid kits should have been stocked and up to date!  Are yours?

Welcome to winter!!!  We went from summer, to fall to winter, and back and forth a bit all in the last couple of weeks.  Welcome to Southern Alberta!!!  This week for your extra preparedness goals, make sure you have one or two good snow shovels, and if you don’t add them to your tools.  It is also a really good time to add a small shovel to your car or vehicle.  There have been more than a couple of times when I have been in a vehicle and we have needed to use a shovel to get us out of a “stuck” situation.  Winter can be not to tragic to get through if your are prepared, and that includes a good shovel in your trunk.  Oh ya……. it’s coming!  Haha


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Finally, for this weeks preparedness goals, inventory your baking supplies.  Hopefully by now, you have figured out that when we inventory our supplies one week, then over the next few weeks we are stocking up on those supplies.  Go through your baking supplies and see what you might be low on.  These kinds of things might include, baking powder, baking soda, flour, cream of tartar, yeast, and anything else you might use on a regular basis in your baking.  If you are stuck, maybe look through some of your favorite recipes and see what they include, and make sure you take an inventory to see if you have them in stock.  Get ready to stock up soon!  Or watch the sales, because you now know what you need!

Now, take a quick couple of minutes to watch this video all about how pandemics spread.  You may learn a thing or two. 

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