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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of October 30

Weekly Preparedness Goals

Well, seriously, October is ending!  Where does the time fly?  I just don’t know.  I was kind of hoping for some of the natural disasters to slow down somewhat by now, but they sure are not!  Many of the close calls have been pretty close to home as well.  Just goes to show, we are not immune, no matter where we live.  Preparedness goals can help us.  These weekly preparedness goals, are here to help take the planning out of the equation as much as possible.  Really all you need to do, is follow the goals and create the plan that works for your family.  Do these weekly preparedness goals, and I promise you will be glad you did.

Now I have one thing I would like to comment on – I, in no way expect all of you, to be doing all of these things every week. I do expect you do to your best.  With whatever means you have to prepare, I expect you to do your best.  Maybe that is only putting away $2 per month.  Maybe that is only purchasing one extra can of food per shopping trip.  Whatever it is, I believe with all my heart, the Lord will bless you in your desires and efforts, in your

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obedience.  So do your best, with whatever you have got, and I promise you, it will be good enough.  Your best will be good enough.

May I just tell you a quick story?  Many years ago, I attended the temple with my husband one Saturday.  On the way home, I really felt the strong desire to gather more food storage.  It was eating at me, because we didn’t have the funds to do this, and I just didn’t know how I was going to make it work.  With a sincere desire and prayer to Heavenly Father, offered right there in my car, I received an immediate answer.  I told God, I would prepare and put up anything He would put in front of me.  If He would provide the way, I would do it.  Immediately after I offered this prayer in my heart, my cell phone rang.  It was a dear friend offering me her apple orchard, and anything I wanted out of her garden, I just needed to go and get it!  Since that time, the bounty has never ceased.  Three weeks ago, I was offered 340 pounds of ripe tomatoes for $20!  Uh ya…..!  I ended up with 56 quarts of tomatoes, 18 quarts of salsa, and 27 quarts of spaghetti sauce!  He will provide, if you are willing to do the work!  Of that I have no doubt.

$2 –  Yes I am going to ask you again, to tuck away some cash!  I also want to ask you a few questions.  How long can your savings maintain you, should you even have access to them in a crisis?  What happens to you if your stock, retirement plans or even your salary suddenly stops or is greatly diminished?  What will you do if your bank, after you endlessly stand in line, won’t give you but a small portion of your money?  What happens if your credit cards cease to function?  What if all the stores are all empty?  If the world goes to heck quickly, or your area is hit with a disaster, there are really only two options:  barter society creates itself, or a cash only society rises.

Preparedness goals

Never underestimate the power of weekly preparedness goals.

Or possibly both.  Cash is vital, as are your preparedness efforts.  Never underestimate their value, as in the story you will read shortly.  So tuck away that $2 each week, and save for that unanticipated day when you will need it.

Add one water filter or method of purification.  You know, I hear often people telling me their main plan, with water, is gathering it from the river that is right close to where we live.  And in a perfect world, that might actually work, if you had proper filters and such, but let me see if I can pop that bubble for you okay?

What happens if the river is frozen over?  What happens if we are having extreme drought?  What happens if there is a hazmat situation and the water is contaminated?  A nuclear problem, and we have fallout?  What happens if we are told to shelter in place, or there is martial law, under curfews and things, where, believe me, water and resources will be monitored and protected?  What if?

The absolute best idea, is have some water stored in your own home.  It will be safe there, and easily accessible.  I would rather any day, run my stored “questionable” water through a filter, to get it tasting great, than count on the river, which is far more “questionable”, and far less reliable.  Just store your water and filters, and quit making up excuses.  When the time comes, my friends, we are not going to think more of you just because you know how to filter the “optional” river water.  It is a grandiose idea, but not a completely smart one.  Use the river water if you can, but don’t rely on it as your only water source.  The novelty will wear off in a couple of days and you may wish you didn’t have to trudge down there and go through the whole process, just to have a drink.

Add vegetable cooking oil, and other oils and shortenings to your supplies this week.  Cooking oil has always been one of the top things for my family.  We go through a bunch of it, and I have even learned how to make margarine out of it.  It is pretty invaluable stuff.

I want to share with you a story, found in “Prophetic Statements  on Food Storage” by Neil H. Leash.  It goes as follows: begin quote – Elder F. Enzio Busche, who endured the ravages of the Second World War in Germany, spoke of his experiences in a 1982 address, as follows:  Since my conversion and because of my World War II experiences, I now have a deep appreciation for the revealed plan of a year’s supply for each member.

Frequently I am asked, “What were the most valuable items in the days of starvation in Germany?”  The answer is difficult to believe, because some of the experiences we had seem to be totally illogical and contrary to human nature.  The items of highest value were tobacco and alcohol, because people who live in fear and despair, who have not learned the principles of self control tend to need in times of panic, some drug to escape the dreadful awareness of reality.

How fortunate we are as members of the Church that we learn to develop a feeling for the true values of life and the necessity of self control, so that in times of need there will be no panic, but we will be prepared.

As for what we needed, the food item we relied on most, was vegetable oil.  With a bottle of vegetable oil, one could acquire nearly every other desirable item.  It has such value that with a quart of vegetable oil one could probably trade for three bushels of apples, or 300 pounds of potatoes.  Vegetable oil has a high calorie content, is easy to transport and in cooking can give a tasty flavor to all kinds of food items that one would

Weekly Preparedness Goals

Remember in Your Weekly Preparedness Goals, these four things might be your priorities.

not normally consider as food – wild flowers, wild plants, and roots from shrubs and trees.

For me and my family, a high quality vegetable oil has the highest priority in our food storage, both in times of daily use and for emergency usage.  When vegetable oil is well packed and store appropriately, is has a long storage life without the necessity of refrigeration.  We found ours to be in very good condition after twenty years of storage, but circumstances may vary.  – End Quote

I will just mention here, as he goes on, he explains that the second highest priority item was grain in all forms, preferably wheat and rye.  The third priority was honey.  The fourth priority was powdered milk.  Any of these products could be traded for valuable items, and all sustained life for a long period of time, and store on a shelf for a long period of time as well.

This week, add baking recipes to your binder.  You know Christmas is right around the corner, like less than 60 days or some crazy thing!  So many people love to do Christmas baking! I am not one of those people.  I unfortunately am not a lover of all things Christmas, but I am learning.  I do love baking and so for that reason, I will add baking recipes to my binder.  Your binders should be looking pretty good by now hey?  (Yup that is a totally Canadian thing to say!)  Hey?  LOL  So whether or not it is Christmas baking recipes, or every day favorites for baking, gather and add them to your recipe binder.   (I hope you are keeping this binder easily accessible as well, for if you ever have to grab and go, it should be one that you grab.)

Inventory your sugars this week as well.  Sugars include all varieties, like white, brown, icing, and then we get into honey, syrups, and such.  We will be adding sugars to our storage over the next few weeks, so do a good inventory to see what you have and what you need.  Keep in mind that for a one year supply of sugar, for one person, you should be able to have a minimum of 60 pounds.  This could be a variety of forms of sugar, including honey, but make sure you have a variety.  Honey is great, and I highly recommend it, but sometimes you just need some white or brown sugar for a recipe.




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