Preparedness Goals For The Week Of December 11th

Preparedness Goals For Week Of December 11

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Okay, for the rest of this month, I am not even going to mention $2 or water storage, because I think you got that by now.  Right?  Good deal!  So here is what I am going to mention to you, and one of your assignments over the next few weeks – watch for the sales.  I don’t mean all the sales, but I do mean the sales of the things that you use all the time, and throw a few extras on your shelves.  Don’t go and buy something just because it was a great sale, if it is going to sit on your shelf and never get used.  It wouldn’t be a wise spending of your money, then would it?

Preparedness Goals

Remember one of the preparedness goals is to give a gift of preparedness this year!

Keep in mind preparedness items for presents.  Now maybe you are not like me, and you have all your presents purchased or made, and you are sitting back and enjoying the season, but if not, and you are like me, things get put off til the end, because it hasn’t made the top of the priority list yet, but now we are down to crunch time.  What are you going to do.  Well Amazon has some amazing things like paracord kits and what not, that I think would be great for some guys, but we are at the point where ordering something online isn’t going to cut it, so now what?  Well think of creating our own preparedness gift baskets, and personalizing it to the tastes of who you are buying for.  A basket full of chocolate might make a great comfort food gift!  Just sayin!!  Haha.  Then you could create a paracord gift basket full of odds and ends that have to do anything to do with paracord.  I also saw this, and I am sharing here, because I love it, and it would make a great gift –

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If you click on the picture, it will take you to the link and more info on just what is in it.  Seriously, I want one!!  Here is the list of what is in this one.  So if you need a quick fix of a present, I think guy or gal would love this one.  Oh my heart be still,  haha,  I would love one like this.  That’s it, I am going to make some.  Personalize it to whom you are giving it to, and you have yourself a pretty nice gift!

Now relax and enjoy the season again.  Don’t go all crazy and overboard, because years from now, they are not going to remember all the fluff and stuff, they will remember the memories made.  Make some memories this year.  Make it a year of memories and traditions.


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