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Preparedness Goals Reminder January

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Hey there!  I hope you have been successful in your goals thus far!  I know it is only into January, but my goodness, it seems to be rushing right through.

I want to take a minute to remind you of the weekly goals for January.  I was not going to post them weekly, but have been asked to do that, so from now on, I will post a weekly reminder again!  I do also have them posted on the side of my blog for each month.  But for now, here goes the January weekly goals…… and keep in mind I have combined my original 52 Weeks to Preparedness, with some other goals, so this is what I have come up with for this year of 2018.  Take what you need from it, and leave the rest!  Good luck prepping!

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January Prep Goals

Week One – keep in mind you are adding over and above what your normal grocery list – to tuck away and build your storage

8 cans soup – your favorite, or whatever is on case lot sales

8 rolls toilet paper

8 cans tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes, etc

Obtain, clean, or organize your disaster kit containers.

Add Powdered milk and recipes to your storage.

Week Two

8 cans meat / tuna / chicken / etc

25 lbs sugar

3 boxes soda crackers

Create a healthy menu plan for emergency kits, or check and rotate your current.

Clean, organize, or add to your water storage, minimum 14 gallons per person.

Week Three

2 lbs salt

25 lbs pasta

2 gallons cooking oil

Post emergency numbers in easy to see locations around your house.

Add extra batteries and drink crystals to long term storage.

Week Four

2 months worth laundry soap

8 cans fruit

Battery Powered Radio

Flashlight in each room of the house.

Add Personal Hygiene

Week Five

25 lbs rice

8 cans meat

Extra seasonings

Plan and Practice Fire Drills

Add cereal grains like rolled oats to long term storage.  Add grain recipes to recipe binder.

There you have it!  Your January Preparedness Goals!  Have Fun and Stay Tuned!

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