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Rumors of Nuclear War What Should We Do?

Rumors of Nuclear War

The world is indeed a dangerous place today.  There is just so much stuff going on, and it seems every day in the news or on the emergency alert systems, there is something new that is just crazy!  Well rumors of nuclear war are included in that list.  War is no new threat to us, but without a doubt, a nuclear war of any kind, will have dire consequences far and wide, including right where we live – and that could be anywhere.

What this means, to us right now, is that we need to revisit our readiness for this particular scenario.  War between NK and US almost seems inevitable right now, and I am not one to say anything about politics – at least not here, so I don’t want this post to go in that direction.  What I do want to impress upon your minds is the urgent need for us all to be prepared for such a thing.

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First let me remind you, North Korea has repeatedly threatened to use larger nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, and

Rumors of Nuclear War

We all hold our breath, hoping nobody ever pushes that button, but it will come someday, so are you prepared?

bombs that would cause an EMP, which ultimately would wipe out large portions of the electrical grid and absolutely anything that has any kind of electrical components.  Will they do it?  Who knows?   But they sure could. I kind of think it is coming.  Being prepared for any of these scenarios is the best policy, so lets see what we could do now, to help protect our families in an event like one of these.

Can we really prepare for any kind of these events?  Well…. yes, and then again no!  We can do our best, but  there is always the unexpected.  Perhaps the bombs won’t directly affect us, where we live, but perhaps we will suffer from fall out, or radiation that is brought on the wind, or via a water source, or much of our food / ocean / and other plants and animals will be affected.  We just don’t know, but we can do some things to prepare.

  1. Prepare spiritually.  Be doing everything you can to be worthy of the blessings and protection and support, that we will need.  Be worthy, and be doing your best, then when we ask for help, Heavenly Father will give us help.
  2. Prepare Physically.   We should be prepared for emergencies with 72 hour kits and a plan. We should have a 3 month supply of familiar pantry foods that we regularly eat, and then we should have longer term foods that will sustain life.  We should have a supply of water and filters, fuel, alternate shelter, cooking and things like that.  You know – the normal preparedness stuff we always talk about.
  3. We should have smaller kits prepared for the work place, school place, car, daycare, or anywhere else we may be away from home.  We need these, to help us get home and keep us safe and alive until we can get home.
  4. We need to have a plan to shelter in place, plan to stay put, until it is safe to go out.
  5. We need to be in the best physical condition we are able to be in.  This is not just for this particular nuclear war scenario.  Any challenges that might come our way, we would pass through so much better, if we were in good physical condition.  I don’t mean be a buff athlete, you know the type – however great if you are!  I do mean be healthy.  Do your best to be the best healthy “you”, you can be.
  6. We are not likely to be close to ground zero, in such an event as a nuclear explosion, so we need to listen to our radios and warnings very closely to understand exactly what we are supposed to do.  There are many warning systems in place in every city and area, so find out what they are, and listen to them.
  7. If you do live in an area, where you think you may be close to ground zero, you should learn what to do right now.  There will be no time when an event is happening.  Learn now, and get ready now.

The threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are real.  EMP possibilities are real.  I have heard that it would only take about 3 weeks for fallout to travel from NK area, to Western Canada where we live.  It would without a doubt affect plant and animal life.  It would affect our food sources.  It would affect our ocean and other water sources and everything in them.  It is not just something that would happen over there and stay over there.

Part of being prepared, is being prepared for the wars, and rumors of wars, that surround us everywhere.  There are very few places in the world right now that are safe from the threat of war and terrorism, and even if they are safe from the actual event, there are always, ALWAYS, ripple effects that are wide spread.

We hope for the best.  We hope that the powers that be are smart enough to not play with nuclear weapons, but at the end of the day, we had best not leave our hope without action.  Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, and at the end of the day, we can say we did our best, and that will have to be good enough.

Prepare spiritually and physically in all ways, because the wars and rumors of wars are very real, and at our doorsteps knocking pretty loudly.

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