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Preparedness Goals For The Week Of November 20

weekly preparedness goals

Welcome back for another week of preparedness goals.  I hope you are learning and growing as I am.  Each week, I learn new things.  Each week, I take these preparedness goals and study a bit further into them, and it never ceases to amaze me, that there is always something else to learn!  Who knew?  […]

Preparedness Goals For The Week Of October 30

Weekly Preparedness Goals

Well, seriously, October is ending!  Where does the time fly?  I just don’t know.  I was kind of hoping for some of the natural disasters to slow down somewhat by now, but they sure are not!  Many of the close calls have been pretty close to home as well.  Just goes to show, we are […]

Preparedness Goals For The Week of October 9

Preparedness Goals

via GIPHY Did you know… history on this day of October 9……these things happened? 1941 Roosevelt approved the atomic program – look where we are today!!! 2006 North Korea allegedly tested its first nuclear device – look where we are today!!! 1900 8.3 quake in Alaska 1963 Vaiont Dam disaster, landslide creates 50 million cubic […]

Let The Good Times Roll – Gathering Your 3 Month Supply

3 Month Supply

Good Times?  Remember years ago, for those of us that are of “that” age, there was a song called “Let The Good Times Roll”?   Remember that one?  I used to love that one.  Not sure why I loved it, because it was pretty repetitive, but that is what seems to sell in music right?   […]

Cook From Scratch With Home Made Mixes

Taco Seasoning Cooking From Scratch

Cook From Scratch With Home Made Mixes One of the best things I have done, is make home made mixes that my family loves. I mix them up, put them into air tight containers, and label them with instructions, so anyone can use them.  Making long term food storage, more user friendly, is a very […]

Cook From Scratch – Basic Essentials

Cooking From Scratch Basic Essentials

Cook from Scratch Cooking from scratch, offers many thrifty and healthy benefits.  It is however, a skill that takes some practice if you are not used to doing it. I believe that anyone can do it, if they can read, and have the desire to make the change.  You don’t have to have a cooking […]

Progressive Food Storage

Food Storage

I like to think of food storage as “progressive food storage”, each layer working to make the next one better, each one serving it’s own purpose, each one building upon the next to make a complete.  I talked about the synergy of food storage here,  and how each layer of food storage works together to […]

The Synergy of Food Storage

The Synergy of Food Storage

As a little girl, I remember spending the summer months working in our rather large garden, helping my dad in the fields (or tagging along), and spending long days doing things like shelling peas, cutting corn off the cobs, butchering chickens, and all other things that go along with freezing, canning and preserving our food […]

Wheat Gluten – Cooking With Food Storage

Cooking with food storage - Wheat

“The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat.” Brigham Young Gluten is the principal protein part of the wheat, just like eggs, meat, fish, milk, beans, tofu, etc. Gluten holds the carbon dioxide that is made from yeast, which enables the dough to rise. It is […]