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The Sun Is Setting – What if?

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I started my very first blog – Today While The Sun Shines – eight years ago, yuppers 2008, when the sun was shining and the air was warm.  I titled my blog after a song about preparing today for tomorrow.   I don’t know about in your area, or in your family, but right now…… you can pretty much pick your disasters, because any number of them could happen at any time, any where, and will happen to you if they haven’t already happened.  I am not just talking natural disasters, because it seems that man made ones, are just as prevalent today.

Eight years later, I believe we are at the stage in time, where the sun is setting.    I really enjoyed listening to a talk that President Russell M. Nelson gave, in which he clearly stated we are living in the eleventh hour.  We are living in the latter part of the latter days.  It was a great talk, if you want to go listen to it, you can here.  It is worth it for sure!  I have been feeling this for some time now, and decided to share with you, that I think the sun is going down on us.

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Gordon B. Hinckley said, – There are seasons in our lives, seasons when we can prepare and work, when the sun shines and the air is warm.  Friends, I feel it that the seasons are changing and the sun won’t be shining for a whole lot longer.  The time for us to get prepared and work hard is narrowing.  All one has to do is to watch the news, and look around yourself locally, and it is pretty obvious that times are rough everywhere.

So what can you do about it?  Be grateful for what you have – whether it is a job, doesn’t really matter if you like it or not at this point, if it pays your bills be grateful.  If you have a healthy family and happy marriage – be grateful for it, for our family is being attacked on every side with heaps and mounds of dung.  If you have a home to live in, food on your table, be grateful for it.  This quote from President Nelson, tells us what he thinks we need to do.

I am not one who loves to preach doomsday, or be one who loves to share bad news, – I am one who loves to be prepared and wants desperately to have those around me do likewise.  Friends, I encourage each of you to start asking yourself some what if questions.  “What if….?”

What if I lose my job?  What if the dollar drops?  What if the price of oil drops even more?  What if the economy shuts down?  What if a natural disaster happens?  What if a horrible disease cuts loose?  What if I can’t feed my family?  What if food trucks or tankers stop moving?  What if….?  The what if questions can be pretty much endless, so think about them?  Most of the questions also can be turned to say……… when this happens, then what, because they are happening, no doubt.

I am going to start asking a few of these questions over the next little while, for my own benefit, as well as for yours.  It is important to have a plan in place for these what if questions.  What if you are prepared?  What if you are not prepared?  Which would you rather be to ride out the storms of these days?

I want to be prepared.  I am praying for courage to get me through.  I don’t know what’s coming, but my gut feeling tells me it is going to be a handful of stuff we will need courage for.  We will need to know who we really are.  And we will need to be prepared.

“What if?”  Now go and do……  get prepared!

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