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What will 2018 bring for you?

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Tis the time of year to sit back and reflect on the past.  The past year, what did it bring for you?  Was it great?  Was it stressful?  Was it memorable?  You know, I tend to get a little sentimental when I think back about the small memories made, and I pray and hope others remember them as well.  The family moments.  The friend moments.  The work moments.  The extras……….

What will 2018 bring for you?  I remember a quote from a song by John Lennon – Life is what happens when you are

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Find the balance between planning and enjoy life

Don’t be too busy making plans to forget to enjoy life, but find the balance!

busy making other plans.  Wow, that is the truth!  Life is what happens…….

There is a story behind why I chose the beautiful Mexican blankets for this picture!  About 22 years ago, I had the fun opportunity of going to San Antonio, to visit family.  I was totally stoked, and the one thing from the trip that I really wanted to bring home was one of these blankets.  I totally love everything about them!  So, we went to the part of San Antonio, I think called Little Mexico or something like that, and spent a good part of the day shopping and experiencing life.  Now if you know me, you will know that I love all things Spanish, and hot peppers, and I just love the culture and language.  I had the time of my life!  Well except one thing……..  One of the first places we went to that day, they had stacks and stacks of these blankets for only $20.  My dear BIL (figure it out), told me that was way too expensive, not to buy one there.  He assured me there would be others we would see, for less expensive, so, I consented begrudgingly to trust him.  Well our day progressed, and we had tons of fun, great food, and experiences – you have to go to San Antonio to understand, but one thing…. I never saw another blanket for sale.  Guess what?  22 years later, I still don’t have one of those darn blankets!  I kick myself, because I should have just spent the 20 bucks and got one, but I didn’t because our plans were to find one cheaper!  Don’t be too busy making plans, that you forget to enjoy life.  There is a balance!  Plan yes, but be able to adapt and find that balance of enjoying life as well, or it will pass you by!

What will your plans be for 2018, and what will really happen, are probably very different things.  I know this blog is all about preparedness, however, I believe planning is a huge part of preparedness.  Preparedness in life, for life, because of life!

How will you be prepared in 2018?  And………… what will the world throw at us, that we need to be prepared for?  It seemed like 2017 was rocked with event after event that kept us on our toes, and hanging on with all we had, wondering what would be next.  I can only imagine what will come in 2018!

Let’s not get too busy making plans, and ignore the fact that life is happening all around us, whether or not we are alert to it.  I speak for my own self here, because I am the greatest at making fabulous plans, and then life gets in the way of my plans.  Many times through the year I have to course correct, get myself back on track.  I think that is part of life.

I have some great plans for you, for preparedness efforts.  I will start posting them next week.  Week by week, month by month, we can get a little more prepared, as life happens all around us.  If we can create that habit, then when the unexpected happens, it won’t be such a shock to our systems.  Work with me, getting a little bit more prepared each day of 2018.  You don’t have to be that crazy person who builds a bunker, goes off grid, and eats squirrels!  Unless you really want to eat squirrels!  All you have to be, is the person who cares enough about their family, to get prepared, in your home, for things that happen every day all around us.  On the outside, nobody even needs to know you are “that” person!  There are many, many, of us “preppers” that go about our crazy lives, silently preparing for any eventuality, and people don’t know who we are.  That’s okay!  Hat’s off to you for being one of those people!!

So, whatever 2018 brings for you, may it bring peace in preparing!  Life will happen.  Disasters will happen.  Emergencies will happen.  Trials will happen.  Things will happen that will test you to the deep down core in your soul, and while these things happen, don’t lose track of the things that are important to you.  Life will bring you peace if you are prepared, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and economically.  That is my hope to help you do, a little bit more in 2018. Let’s get a little more prepared, for the things that will happen to us, regardless.

God bless you in your efforts for 2018.  May it bring you peace and prosperity!  May it bring you a little closer each week to preparedness.  May you find it within you, to take that little / big step into the world of becoming prepared!

I am excited for new things and look forward to new ideas, and new ways to keep preparing.  Each day as I move forward, my eyes are opened to new things………..  You think you know it all, or at least enough, Never!!!

Hang in there for more…………..  2018!!!

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