52 Weeks To Preparedness – Week 20


When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed. The degree of our preparation will be equal to the extent of our obedience. This will in turn determine our peace of mind and the degree of normal life we will be able to enjoy during the difficult times ahead. Some food for thought: It is really all about obedience. Brigham Young said “If you are without food, how much wisdom can you boast!”

Today is a great day to gather a few of the non food type items we need to have, especially for the flu season. Here is a small list of items, but adjust it accordingly to what you think your family would use in case of …

Cough / cold medications, cough drops, various versions of pain relief, cotton balls, herbal or natural medications, antibacterial soaps and wipes, and hand sanitizer. These basic items should be included in your 72 hour kits / first aid kits / and flu kits. Of course add any other items that you think your family would need as well.

Skills to improve:

Develop any handicraft skills you think you can use. Improve your sewing skills, your carpentry skills, any other skills, perhaps listed in this post.

An emergency sewing kit:

Suitable container with lid, small scissors, straight pins and safety pins, sewing needles and a variety of thread colors, a few buttons, tape measure or ruler.

Food Storage Preparation:

Where do I store my food storage? The coolest parts of your home are the best locations, but if you don’t have those, then get creative. Under beds, inside closets, inside cabinets and consider building an insulated shed outside your home.

A one-year supply for one person requires approximately 100 #10 cans.

How many #10 cans will fit under my bed? Double – 96 cans. Queen – 108. King – 120.

Non-perishables or other storage items can be stored in warmer areas like your garage.

Where there is a will – there will always be a way.

Spiritual / Faith Preparedness:

Be more aware this week of what you do, and try in everything, to live your life as an example of your faith.

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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