52 Weeks To Preparedness – Week 37


Can food storage serve as a protective shield? Have you considered the possibility that the very act of having your food storage on hand actually might be serving as a protective shield, causing the Lord to turn away events and situations which might be harmful to you and your family? We must never lose sight of the fact that Heavenly Father rewards obedience in various ways. Neil H. Leash

Everyday carry bag:

A bag that you carry everywhere you go. It would be used if you were away from home during an emergency. Electrical storm, tornado, power outage, minor injury, biological, radiological, chemical, or terrorist incidents.

Some of your must have items in your carry bag would include: flashlights, cash, multitool, knife, face mask, rubber gloves, ear-plugs, medications, water, water purification tabs, signal mirror, whistle, usb drive with important data on it.

Think of what you would do if you were in the city, or at work, and a bomb went off, or a tornado struck across town, or there were a train derailment.

Your everyday carry bag would be something that could help you get home. It can have tools in it, first aid, and anything you might need as you work your way home.

My husband used to work out of town all the time. He would always think how he would get home, and would form a quick plan in his mind of where he was and how he would make it. It is always important to understand these details. We never think we will be faced with these situations, but I think the time for us to think like that are no more.

Emergency Fuel and how to store it:

When thinking of storing emergency fuel, think of what you can come by easiest or what you can use. I love to have fuel storage like wood, charcoal briquettes, coal, and even fire starters or pine cones and such.

Store them in 5 gallon buckets with tight fitting lids and they will last indefinitely.

Other forms of fuel such as propane, butane, kerosene, need a bit more attention to be stored. Small propane tanks for small stoves can be stored safely in your garage, but the large ones should not be stored in your garage, but outside away from your home via several feet. Butane and Kerosene can safely be stored in your home, but up, away from heat, away from children. They are both great for camping use and easy to use for cooking.

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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