52 Weeks To Preparedness – Week 16


Family Preparation:

Practice drills for your family are a good way to remind your family what to do in case of emergencies. Today for your family time, take a bit of time to review what your family would do if there were a fire in the house. Go through each room, and point out two exits for each.

Then have the kids go and act as if they are doing something they would normally do, when all of a sudden someone yells fire! Fire! Fire!

Have them go through the mock emergency, and their escape routes. You might also want to pair up your kids so that they have a buddy system to ensure that the younger ones have an older one responsible to help them. Or one adult to one or two children as a buddy system. This way you know who you are each responsible for and then the parent is responsible to check for each older.

Practicing for emergencies will help us to keep calmer, during the event. It is a well known fact that when in emergencies we all tend to not think clearly, so if we have practiced, then we won’t have to think too hard, it will be a natural reaction to what we should do.

Preparedness is not living in fear. Preparedness is being aware of things that could happen, so we know how to act responsibly, and confidently, with clear minds.

Preparedness is peace of mind!

Storage Preps:

Ever thought of how much toilet paper your family would go through in one year? here are a couple of ways you can figure it out. Start today, and either have a small paper and pen beside your toilet, checking off a mark every time you change the roll, or have a bag somewhere in the bathroom where you can place all of the empty rolls for one month. Count them up and multiply by 12, then you will know how many rolls your family will need for one year. I personal would rather use toilet paper, than newsprint, or old magazines. Start storing your toilet paper, every time you buy one package for your house, buy one to tuck away for storage, and don’t touch it! Soon you will have a nice little stash! Your family will thank you.

Financial Preparations:

Think about saving money by using your clothesline. Don’t have one? You can pick up all the basic supplies to build a clothesline from your local hardware store for fairly inexpensive, compared to even one month worth of using your clothes dryer.

I have heard many people complain about the high prices of utilities, but don’t think of simple ways like this to decrease their expenses.

Plus, using a clothesline gives your clothes a great fresh smell that they can only get by being dried outdoors. Even in the winter you can dry y our clothes outside. They may be a little stiff, but if you pop them into the dryer for 10 minutes they will fluff up nicely. 10 minutes …. compared to one hour to dry a load. Significant savings and another important way of being prepared.

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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