52 Weeks To Preparedness – Week 45


Perhaps it is time in our lives to gift a family member with knitting, sewing or quilting lessons. For some it may be the best time to purchase the family some water barrels or portable water purifiers. Still others may want to buy sleeping bags, tents, camp stoves or lanterns or camping sleeping pads. Being prepared is all about knowledge and forethought. Keep these ideas in mind as you go through your preparedness efforts, as well as Christmas or any birthday presents.

Stocking Stuffers or Other Gift Ideas

*travel size shampoos, conditioners,

*light sticks

*tooth brushes, paste, floss, and hygiene

*compass, whistle with neck tie, reflector

*soap, holder

*hard candies and gum, other snacks

*crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, painting and art supplies

*small sewing kits (you can go to a dollar store and make these yourself)

*small first aid kits

*travel size camping utensils

*flashlights, batteries, lanterns

*rain poncho, emergency blankets, warm socks, etc

*hand lotion

*folding scissors, fingernail clippers and other nail supplies, knife and sharpener

*flint and steel for fire starting

*warm blankets – wool blankets are cheap at second hand stores, sleeping bags and pads / mats

*wool or fleece warm socks, long underwear, wool hat or warm one and scarf, make them yourself for a great gift, warm coat, gloves and mittens, warm boots big enough to wear heavy socks

*snow shoes or make some skies for cross country treks

*paper products for the family

*propane and a small camp stove or lantern

*camping gear, folding shovel, axe, hatchet, water storage container

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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