The greatest events that have been spoken of by all the Holy Prophets will come along so naturally as the consequences of certain causes, that unless our eyes are enlightened by the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of Revelation rests upon us, we will fail to see that these are the events predicted by the Holy Prophets. George Q. Cannon

Family Gear Box:

This is a large container that holds heavier more specialized items that will make life easier in an emergency. These items are more suited for a mandatory evacuation. This week find the container (trash can with wheels if nothing else), and start making your Family Gear Box.

Some Emergency Preparedness Tips:

Find an out of area contact. If there is a local emergency, your family should have a contact that each person knows the number of. This way no matter where you are, everyone knows this is the person to contact to let them know how you are and where you are, and to find out about the others in your family. It will save the troubles of family members all calling each other to see how they are doing. One call to one person.

Gather maps for your area, and any other areas you may go in an emergency or on a daily basis. This way you will be able to review any alternate routs should you have to evacuate the city, or skirt around a disaster that might have happened. Highlight the routes you may take, and share these routes with your family.

Gather all your flashlights and check the batteries. Make sure they are fresh, and instead of keeping them in the flashlight, maybe keep them in a ziploc in the same location as the flashlight. Make sure the flashlights are easily accessible and in places where you might need them if the power is out.

April and October are a great time each year to check all batteries in smoke detectors. It is also a great time to recycle your water storage or add in a little bleach to keep it clean. Use up your water that has been sitting. Water your plants, inside and out, and fill up the jugs with fresh clean water.

Post important phone numbers in a public easy to find space. Also put your own phone number and address on this list. You may know this information, but if someone else is at your home and needs to call any emergency numbers, and needs to know your address, it is vital they can do it swiftly and easily. If you have a babysitter, or a family gathering; if someone needs to call an ambulance for you, this may be the thing that saves a life.

Happy and Healthy Prepping



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