52 Weeks To Preparedness – Week 24


In short, we are to learn the will of the Lord and do it. We are to follow the model of Jesus Christ and be like Him … The essential question of lie should be the same one posed by Paul: “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” Ezra Taft Benson

Family Preparation:

Have a practice disaster with all family members. Make it real and don’t tell anyone in advance. See if your evacuation plan works, can individuals work the windows to exit from them? How long does it take? What do you need to change?

Organizing and Doing Inventory

If you haven’t already, grab a small binder or notebook. You can either categorize it alphabetically or according to categories, which ever you feel will work best for you. The categories you will put into it will be the items you already have and then those that you need to have and those that you want to have. If you are unsure of these, then you should make a list before hand so that you have an idea of all your categories.

Under each heading also make a small note about how to properly store this item, it’s shelf life, and any other particulars that go with it.

Make sure to keep it all in pencil because this notebook / binder will change many times as you gather more information and your storage changes.

Under each category make a note for each one as to what your goals are. Write down the dates of the inventories and perhaps a date for the goals.

Getting by on a small food budget:

I have always had people ask me how I get by on such a small food budget in a month. I will share some thoughts. First off you need to learn to buy things in bulk. For example if you like pasta, and it goes on a great sale, and you would normally buy 2 packages, instead buy 20 packages or 40. Whatever your budget will allow, do it. For example, I just purchased not long ago 100 lbs of brown sugar, and 75 lbs of pasta. Now I don’t have to buy pasta again until it comes on sale, or my store starts running low, then I will buy in bulk again.

If you get into the habit of doing this, pretty soon you will have yourself a grocery store in your storage room, and you will never really need to purchase things (except fresh), unless it goes on sale, or you can buy it in bulk. When I first started on this way of purchasing, we ate A LOT of pasta and rice, until we built up a supply of other things, but now we not HAVE TO buy anything unless it is on sale, or we shop in bulk.

Sometimes, unfortunately, lol, we still impulse buy, and that is soooo not good, but we are working on it. So start changing your mind set on how to smart shop. You will be amazed at how fast it can build up.

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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