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What would it take to maintain normalcy?

In all the prepping you do, please ask yourself this question:

What would it take to maintain normalcy in your day to day life, if “stuff hits the fan”? As we plan and prepare with our families, keep this in mind. What things are you not willing to live without? What foods? What comforts?

Take the answers to these specific questions, and do what you can to prepare for them, immediately! If life falls apart, tomorrow, you need to be prepared for the things you don’t want to be without.

What would it take?

Let me share an example. I don’t like to be cold, and I don’t want to have to be disrupted in my cooking. I have stored long term foods for years now, and I cook with them regularly. I have practiced and my family has eaten these foods, and as long as we can cook, then we are golden.

So in order to be warm in cold weather, if power were out and such, also in order to maintain feeding my family, we are renovating our kitchen slightly to include a beautiful coal / wood burning stove I came across several years ago. I absolutely will post more pictures once we have it in our home. It is going to take some work, to make it legal to use, but this stove will serve many purposes, especially that of warmth and food.

What is it that your family doesn’t want to do without?

What are the foods that your family won’t want to live without?

What are the comforts?

Once you identify them, get to work!

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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