52 Weeks To Preparedness – Week 32


The counsel to have a year’s supply of basic food, clothing, and commodities was given fifty (longer now) years ago and has been repeated many times since. Every father and mother are the family’s store keepers. They should store whatever their own family would like to have in case of an emergency …. store a year’s supply …. that might keep us from starving in case of emergency. James E. Faust

Family Preparation:

By now if you have been following along, your 72 hr kits, first aid kits, gear boxes, and such should all be completed. If not, do a little back tracking to see what you need to get caught up on. Add to your kits as you see fit or add items you skipped. We will move on!

Educational Preparedness:

Take time to reflect upon the lessons you have learned from your mother or grandmother. Think about how you have applied them in your life.

What do you see ahead? Do you see fun and excitement? Serious trouble? Or maybe a mix of the two?

I see the world brewing for this perfect storm! What should we do about it? We should dang well be preparing in any way we possibly can, while we still can. Food storage, medical supplies, water supplies, survival skills, and so on. But the big one I want to emphasize today is food storage.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about food storage lately, well let’s face it, I always am thinking about it. It has become a way of life for me. I think the think skill that people need to learn the most is to “use it!” If you use it on a regular basis, you will learn to love it. I have really learned through the years to love food storage. If you put it into practice you will gain a testimony of it.

Who, what, when, where and why of food storage:

WHO should store food? Absolutely all of us! If there is any doubt in your mind, just take a look around in the world today and you will see why YOU should store food. We have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and our families. You neighbor down the street does not need to store food for you. You government will certainly not store food for you. Your church doesn’t need to store food for you. YOU NEED TO STORE FOOD FOR YOU!

WHAT should you store? Well, do a little research here on this blog and you will figure that out. You can also go to provident living and learn what you should store. It will teach you about water storage, 3 month supply, and long term storage, also links to other things like having a financial reserve.

For the 3 month supply it should be foods that we are familiar with and are easy to prepare. Foods that will keep our diet to as close as normal as possible. For longer term storage items, we should store at least a one year supply of foods that will sustain life. This includes things like wheat, beans, grains, sugars, salt, powdered milk and oil. Anything extra is a bonus.

WHEN should we store it … Well there have been leaders in our church that have been telling us to do it for well over 100 years, so I think the time to start – if you haven’t already – is right NOW! I have a personal feeling that we have a short window of opportunity left to get our homes in order, including food storage, and that window is fast closing. With all that happens daily in the entire world I feel keenly about this. It is just my opinion and feelings, but I feel it. Do it now and do it quick.

WHERE should we store it … well, I think that we should store it in every available nook and cranny in our homes that is available. Buckets and boxes can fit nicely under beds, and in many cases can even replace a bed frame. There is a ton of wasted space in closets that could be used for storing things. I think the reality of it is, if we have the desire to do it, we will find the places to put it. I read a quote once and I can’t find it right now, but it was by Wilford Woodruff, who said that if we could see what he has seen, we would pile our food storage in the middle of the room and walk around it. That is how vitally important it is. There are no excuses for no space. Find it!

WHY do we need to store food? ….. well I think that should be fairly obvious by now, especially if you follow me. Really in our world today, how can one say that there is no need for food storage, and how can we think that our government or our church or family or friends will take care of us in any disaster situation. Because really our own salvation comes down to you and to me, and we can rely on nobody but ourselves.

Personally I never want to be in the situation that I have to tell one of my grandchildren, that Grandma has no food in the house, sorry honey. I never want to look in their eyes of hunger. If I can control that one thing, then I can feel like I can rely on the Lord to fill in the other gaps that I cannot fill in. We have been told to store it, we have been warned time and time again of the things that we will face, and we need to have faith that if we do our part, we will be blessed because of it. FAITH!

Have FAITH my friends

Happy and Healthy Prepping


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